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    MABOPA (Malaysian Book Publishers Association) has been one of the main organisers of the Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair (KLIBF) together with MBKM (National Book Council of Malaysia) for the last 35 years.

    In conjunction with, running in parallel and under the same roof with KLIBF 2018, MABOPA is proud to be the organiser of b.a.c.a WORLD 2018 – Malaysia’s Digital Lifestyle Exhibition from 27th to 29th April 2018 at PWTC (Putra World Trade Center, KL).

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  • Do You Download A New App Every Month?

    How many apps do you have on your smartphone or tablet? How many of them do you actually use? How many new apps do you download every month? A new study by comScore in the US shows that 65% of smartphone users do not download any new app in a month. That is why we have Bacaworld, an event that allows people to discover your app or service and to also experience it easily. So if you do find yourself bogged down in Appstores, do give us a shout to find out more on how we can help.

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  • The Future of The Book

    From papyrus to pixels, we have come a long way.

    It is yet to be seen if we will fully embrace digital content or are books here to stay. (After all printed books have ONLY been here for 500 years)

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About Baca World

As our daily lives continue to transform into becoming more digitalized each day, we believe that great contents should too. Inspired by digitalization, we bring you BACA, a truly unique digital content exhibition that complements our digital lifestyle.

Being the first of its kind in Malaysia, BACA pledges to unlock new grounds for content sharing by expanding the potential of digitalized communication. BACA brings you the latest advancement in digital world that drives us into a new age of knowledge, communication and convenience.

BACA is a borderless platform for ideas, exploration and digital innovation across all generations. Come and experience this revolutionary moment with us as we celebrate the marvels of our technology!


Dewan Merdeka, Putra World Trade Centre,
Kuala Lumpur

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