• What is BACA World? BACA is a unique digital exhibition, a genuine platform for ideas, exploration, and trading that complements our digital lifestyle.
  • Who should participate/join in BACA World? You! If you are intrigued by technology and its advancements, we would be thrilled for you to join our event!
  • What should I expect from BACA world? An unlocking of a new horizon in digital exhibition and a chance to experience the marvels of our technology.

Exhibitors FAQ

  • Who should participate in BACA World? Publishers, app developers, app publishers, and companies from music, education or telecommunication industry.
  • How can I take part in BACA World? You are able to join us in our journey as a partner, sponsor, exhibitor, presenter, speaker or competition host.
  • I’m interested in future events/ information on BACA. How do I keep in touch? You can drop us your name card during the event or leave us your contact via www.bacaworld.com.my/contact. Exhibitors that are participating will automatically be included in our newsletter updates.